About Katie

Katie is a Montana native that has been a marketing and certified fitness professional for almost twenty years.  She currently holds nine different fitness certifications including Group Fitness, Spinning Elite, and Personal Training.

She has trained and instructed in not only Montana, but also Phoenix, San Diego, and Denver where she now resides.

Her love for fitness began at an early age as she played a plethora of sports.  In college, she became an instructor and found a true passion for helping others along their fitness journey.

Her fitness philosophy is that fitness should be fun, but it also takes effort for results.  Through consistency and support her clients have been able to take their fitness to the next level.  She believes in meeting clients where they are and finding a path for them.  Fitness and nutrition are not a one size fit all.  It takes time and dedication to find what works specifically for you.

She hopes that her expertise can help take your fitness journey to new heights while having a little fun along the way.

A Note from Katie

I am a Montana girl through and through and will bring my Montana work ethic and values to helping you reach your goals. A common saying for Montanans is, "you get what you see."  I will always be transparent for my community.  I am not going to spend eight hours trying to take the perfect picture for a recipe.  Life is busy, messy, and by no means perfect.  I wanted to create a space that you could be you and grow.  If you are ready to learn, have fun, and work hard, I am here for you!  Let's do this!  

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