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5 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

 5 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings Have you found yourself craving sugary treats lately? You are not alone. Did you know that sugar affects the brain the same way as addictive drugs? In a recent study , scientists found that sugar impacts the decision-making process similar to drug use. We all know that sugar is not the best way to fuel our bodies, but how can we fight the urge to reach for that sugary treat? Read on to learn five ways to curb your sugar cravings. #1 Be Prepared Sugar cravings can appear when there is a dip in blood sugar. If you have gone too long between meals or you perhaps enjoyed something sweet, such as a donut for breakfast, you might find yourself desiring another delectable treat. Having nutritious treats and meals readily available will help decrease the urge to derail fueling your body the best way possible. One of my favorite sugar combating snacks is low-fat cottage cheese and a few fresh blueberries. Cottage cheese has approximately 13 grams of protein per s