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Too Busy for Fitness? Not With This Workout | MT Girl Fitness

Fit Fitness Into Any Busy Schedule With Tabata Do you have a busy schedule that doesn't leave much extra time? Are you a busy parent that barely has a minute to yourself? Tabata might be your solution.  What is Tabata? Tabata is high-intensity interval training that is scientifically proven to burn calories faster and can be done in as little as twenty minutes. It focuses on eight rounds including twenty seconds of work and a ten-second rest. Each Tabata round is four minutes long and includes a one minute break following each round. Participants strive for complete exertion during each round.    Tabata Creator & Initial Experiment The Tabata Protocol was credited to Izumi Tabata, who is the Dean of Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Sport and Health Science in Japan. In Tabata's original research, his team focused on two experiments centered on measuring VO2 max while using a mechanically braked cycle ergometer. Tabata compared moderate-intensity training and high-i

Indoor Cycling 101 | MT Girl Fitness

Indoor Cycling 101 There is nothing like walking into a dim-lit cycling studio filled with a distinct level of excitement and base so loud that you can feel it with every inch of your body. Music videos play on the wall and the dull roar of spin bikes can be heard. I love taking and teaching indoor cycling classes. It is a passion of mine and that is why I am both a Spinning Star 3 Elite and Rockstar Spinning Certified instructor. Although I have taught spin now for over 15 years, I still remember my first spin class. I also remember that I almost never took another spin class again. Below are a few tips to put you on the path for success. What Every Indoor Cycling Student Should Know Before Taking Their First Class If you are nervous to take your first indoor cycling class you are not alone. Many students are anxious about what to expect and have heard stories that the classes are challenging. The classes are challenging, but the great thing about indoor cycling is that any fitness le