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4 Ways to Combat Muscle Soreness | MT Girl Fitness

Have you ever finished a great workout and thought to yourself, "I am going to feel that later!" This goes through my mind after almost every leg day. Muscle stiffness and pain are common side-effects of higher exertion activities. When muscles are pushed to an intensity they are not accustomed to, soreness can last up to five days. We will examine the causes of muscle soreness and tips to combat it. What causes muscle soreness? Muscle soreness occurs due to microscopic tears within muscle fibers and is considered a type 1 muscle strain. If you are like me, I am usually the sorest 48 hours after a workout. Muscle tenderness 24-72 hours after a workout is called DOMS or Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness. Below are four tips on how to decrease the effect of muscle soreness.   Ease muscle soreness with these 4 tips 1. Foam Roll I am not going to lie, I hate foam rolling, but it is one of those things you must do. When I need to roll out my IT bands I want to throw a fit li

Barre Workout- Arms | MT Girl Fitness

Barre Workout-Arms and Abs